Friday, November 16, 2012

Pictures of lights for inspiration

Many of these are not made out of paper, but my intention was to get ideas from their general structure, patterns, what light they reflect, etc...

If I could put Christmas lights along the circular area above this, I wonder how that would affect the paper models below.
This was what first turned me onto the idea of using multiple lights throughout my piece. Would that be allowed? Otherwise the interesting part would just be hiding the wires, though I think I could put them in the frame itself.

Imagine all the amazing patterns one can shine onto a wall.... I am in love with the idea of what light can do to a space.

I was already thinking of adding images of some sort behind my lamps, though I would do so by adding more paper to create shadow images. Maybe I could even create scenes, like in these.

The draping on this chandelier is gorgeous to say the least. In my next post I will focus on images of snow, and this draping effect would go extremely well with that.

When I first heard about this project, my immediate idea was actually to do something with wings. Perhaps I shall reawaken that idea now that I've seen how lovely it looks...

The human form truly is a magnificent creation. To abstract it into art is merely to emphasize this glorious fact.

Ok, no I will not to origami. What I liked about this image was how the light comes up and down from the wall lights.

With how much we've been focusing on such abstract creations that twist and turn this way and that, we forget that it is very possible to create realistic paper forms such as this.

Once again with the ode to snow and winter, image if this were falling snow... cue the dreamy eyes.
My imagination is positively running wild. That is both the blessing and the curse of design; suddenly the whole world is one huge, intricate design, waiting to be transferred onto a paper or a model or really whatever comes next. I will admit that this does make it a little difficult to focus on my English paper though...


  1. can use multiple lights. One student had several small, battery-operated, LED lights to place in different parts of her project.

  2. Oh, that would be very cool. Thank you Margie.