Friday, November 16, 2012

Eira, it is your time

My muse, my beauty, my glorious angel of Winter; come, sing to me Eira!

Look outside during Winter and see all of the trees adorned with lights. Why should we not have this every day of the year? Bring the snow and the lights inside with a beautiful white lamp.

Then there are city lights; so different with every angle, so mesmerizing as they reflect off of the water...

Snow itself as it falls is simply little spots of heaven, merely holes and tears upon the paper of the air.

Next time it snows, this is happening.

What if I could epitomize the effect of blowing snow in a light? It could stretch out across a room with little holes where light shines through. The effect to the room would be as if it was snowing inside, particularly if I could make it move somehow.

It would certainly be easy enough to create little blossoms for lights.

More snow pattern...

Ok, I saw this picture and made the biggest happy face ever. Snow has such a soft, flowing form, and I could create a light with or without something above it -- like the poor, buried lamp here -- just by draping paper in a uniform wave. I could even make it a floor fixture... now that would be something different.
Soon, soon, this will be a reality... as soon as Kansas can figure out what it wants to do.

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