Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shadows in the light

Do lights always have to be such illuminating, uplifting things? Perhaps the shadows that lights cast are more terrifying than any solid darkness, for sometimes they show you the worst of false realities.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Everything in the world is poetry. The seas and the skies, the soul from the eyes, the days that pass by slow yet sure. See? It all floats through my mind as seamlessly as the everyday thoughts of an average individual. I say average, because that is the only word I can come up with to encompass all those poor creatures who must suffer through a mundane existence without a constant stream of poetry... Anyways, this poetry that creates life in general also creates a new perspective on our everyday life, and art is everyday life for us all! So, piece the puzzle together Sherlock; with poetry, we can create new art that we never would have even thought of without it. And poetry is the world around us... so very simply, watch, listen, taste, feel, smell, and create. Bazinga. Art.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blood dripping dropping drooping

I made one interesting idea when I was having lunch with my brother, but it would certainly be more gruesome than any nice, white snow. The lamp would just be a simple, upside down conical shape, with spikes coming up from the bottom that followed the shape to the top and rose a little above the lip of the opening. When the light was off, it would be a plain, constant white. When the light was on, however, paper from behind would create a shadow of blood and reaching figures around the spikes. Red paper would probably make for the best effect in this case, but I'm not sure if it would be too strong and pierce through the white even when the light was off.. time for testing! But anyways, I just wrote this beginning to a short story for English and felt like it echoed that idea of clean appearances and horrific realities.

One long, endless sound sat in the air, piercing through the bustle that continued under it.
“I’ve been dreaming about chicken all day, Robert. Baked, fried, cashew, you name it and I’m in.”
The lights of dozens of monitors draped a blanket of sickly green upon the pure, white coats of the conversing men.
“Terry, I could eat anything right now but I had better get it soon.”
A tiny splashing noise emerged in the background, inconstant as the footsteps that created it.
“How about that new bistro down the street? I heard that the chocolate cake there is to die for.”
There was more splashing to the other side of the room, and the beep cut off mid-scream.
“I don’t think little 305-7520 here would have appreciated that particular maxim.”
Still the splashing continued until another short beep penetrated the new silence and awakened a choking, sucking noise below.
“Or maybe he took it too literally. Those 300 levels aren’t exactly the brightest bunch.”
Steadily the blood drained away, leaving only small spots on the impeccable, water-resistant floor for the nurses to clean up.
“Well now there’s one less anyways. Lee, please get him out of here before the next patient comes in. We don’t want another blockage in the delivery lines.”
A small, meek creature dyed in red nodded a little too furiously and ran over to the table, slipping a little as it went.
“Look at what they send us. It’s positively disgraceful, and every time we request new help they simply ignore us like we are the 300s. If those wolves would only put us on 100 duty every now and then, I’m quite certain we would receive considerably better support.”
His hands shook as he pulled the once white material quickly across the constantly dribbling opening.
“Yes, yes, but you know the rules. Three months on 300 for every doctor. No questions. At least we can –.”
A single, horrifying cry impaled his words, and the room went completely black.

The more ideas I consider, the more lamps I draw, the more I can narrow down to something fantastic... Now let the blood pour down.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eira, it is your time

My muse, my beauty, my glorious angel of Winter; come, sing to me Eira!

Look outside during Winter and see all of the trees adorned with lights. Why should we not have this every day of the year? Bring the snow and the lights inside with a beautiful white lamp.

Then there are city lights; so different with every angle, so mesmerizing as they reflect off of the water...

Snow itself as it falls is simply little spots of heaven, merely holes and tears upon the paper of the air.

Next time it snows, this is happening.

What if I could epitomize the effect of blowing snow in a light? It could stretch out across a room with little holes where light shines through. The effect to the room would be as if it was snowing inside, particularly if I could make it move somehow.

It would certainly be easy enough to create little blossoms for lights.

More snow pattern...

Ok, I saw this picture and made the biggest happy face ever. Snow has such a soft, flowing form, and I could create a light with or without something above it -- like the poor, buried lamp here -- just by draping paper in a uniform wave. I could even make it a floor fixture... now that would be something different.
Soon, soon, this will be a reality... as soon as Kansas can figure out what it wants to do.

Pictures of lights for inspiration

Many of these are not made out of paper, but my intention was to get ideas from their general structure, patterns, what light they reflect, etc...

If I could put Christmas lights along the circular area above this, I wonder how that would affect the paper models below.
This was what first turned me onto the idea of using multiple lights throughout my piece. Would that be allowed? Otherwise the interesting part would just be hiding the wires, though I think I could put them in the frame itself.

Imagine all the amazing patterns one can shine onto a wall.... I am in love with the idea of what light can do to a space.

I was already thinking of adding images of some sort behind my lamps, though I would do so by adding more paper to create shadow images. Maybe I could even create scenes, like in these.

The draping on this chandelier is gorgeous to say the least. In my next post I will focus on images of snow, and this draping effect would go extremely well with that.

When I first heard about this project, my immediate idea was actually to do something with wings. Perhaps I shall reawaken that idea now that I've seen how lovely it looks...

The human form truly is a magnificent creation. To abstract it into art is merely to emphasize this glorious fact.

Ok, no I will not to origami. What I liked about this image was how the light comes up and down from the wall lights.

With how much we've been focusing on such abstract creations that twist and turn this way and that, we forget that it is very possible to create realistic paper forms such as this.

Once again with the ode to snow and winter, image if this were falling snow... cue the dreamy eyes.
My imagination is positively running wild. That is both the blessing and the curse of design; suddenly the whole world is one huge, intricate design, waiting to be transferred onto a paper or a model or really whatever comes next. I will admit that this does make it a little difficult to focus on my English paper though...

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Ok, I couldn't bear the annoying music.. after three songs I was going crazy. So I will skip that and move on to pop-up letters!

Not sure which one I like the best, though the middle one has its own character. One of my friends wants me to make a horror pop-up book though, so I may have to conduct some experimenting anyways.

Friday, November 2, 2012

String maze

Now let's apply this whole maze idea to the fact that we're using strings and ropes between our letters...

Beware of next blog... annoying songs.

Maze designing

So my group is making a small maze with our words... this may be interesting.